Hog Cay Promotional Video - Production Proposal

Deliverable: 2-3 Minute Promo Video to showcase on Hog Cay website

  • Highlight new runway and it's ability to provide quick access for jets to Hog Cay & the Exumas.
  • Show off some of the numerous activities and attractions the Exumas have to offer

Packages: Below are three options that vary based on the level of production value in the final video.

  1. Lifestyle: 4 Days, Models & Voice Over - $13,873
    a. 4 of shooting allows for timing ideal weather at each location and planning sunrise/sunset shots or an expanded shot list.
    b. Professional female/male models used to add element of lifestyle or fashion to pre-planned locations.
    c. Professional voice over of a short narration to strengthen the message of the video in the viewer's mind.

    Example of Lifestyle: Over Yonder Cay 

  2. Landscape: 2 Days of on location shooting $8,789
    a. A more limited shot list capable of shooting in only 2 days, including a single sunset & sunrise and the option of reshooting any scenes if weather changes.
    b. No models - shots will focus primarily on the locations and natural setting or use stock footage to include people in generic scenes.
    c. Licensed music used in the background to add a sense of mood and drive the video forward. No voice over.

    Example of Landscape: Musha Cay

  3. Stock Footage: Single day of shooting on Hog Cay cut together with stock footage of Exuma - $4,500
    a. All footage of Hog Cay limited to a single day visit without models.
    b. Stock footage used to show off other locations in Exuma. 
    c. Licensed music used in the background to add a sense of mood and drive the video forward. No voice over.

    Example of Stock Footage: Pending

    Aerial Highbourne Cay - Exuma from Above from Frangipani Film on Vimeo.

Note: Video Production is completed in 3 stages. Pre-production (planning) 2 weeks, Production (shooting) 1 week & Post Production (Editing) 1 week.

All above quotes include:
Full on location production by professional cinematographer (& assistant where deemed necessary) using professional cameras, drones and waterproof cameras. Music licensed for commercial use, distribution and sharing online.
Full post-production & editing of final video with 2 client revisions.
Travel and lodging costs to be determined based on selected package and desired shot list. 


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