Kitesurfing Lessons - The Basics

Before you go any further I warn you that Kitesurfing is very addictive and you can become consumed with watching the weather and waiting for it to get windy.

Consider yourself warned!

We make learning fun!

Typically students require about 6-10 hours of instruction before they are kiting on their own.

If you have any board sports (i.e. snow, wake, skate, surf) or sailing background you can potentially cut that time down. 

I charge $99/hr for one-on-one lessons.

Your 1st lesson will typically last 3 hours and will consist of safety instructions and learning how to properly rig a kite before learning how to fly a small kite and then doing some body dragging.

Once you commit to lessons I will give you a copy of an instructional DVD, if you'd like to pick that up before the lesson that's great.  Having a bit of background before getting to the beach is a good idea.

1.      Location - with out a doubt South Beach (a small beach at the southern end of Blue Hill Road shown above) is the best place to learn. Plenty of waist deep clear water and clean sand.

2.      Time - Scheduling a 1st lesson is a bit tricky.  We need the right amount of wind and we'll need the right tide level for teaching. Fortunately, winter is the Windy season in The Bahamas so from October - May it shouldn't be too hard to schedule a lesson.
3.      Length - Plan on at about 3 hours for the first lesson.
We'll go over kiteboarding safety, terminology, setting up the kite, launching the kite, flying on shore and in the water, water rescue techniques.  Many riders are not ready to get up on the board during the first lesson.
4.      Attire - Be prepared to get wet.  If you have a wetsuit or rash-gaurd, wear it. Booties/waders or some sort of foot protection is a must (broken bottles are often found on the beach, especially after long weekends) Sunglasses, sunblock and some sun protection are a great idea.
I'll provide helmets, waist harnesses, the kites & several board options.

Feel free to contact me for more information or to book a lesson.

Brett Davis
Bah:  242-324-2216
Cell: 242-556-8764
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