Massive Waves Damage Glass Window Bridge in Eleuthera - Video Report


9/12/14 Eleuthera, Bahamas - Winter Storm Damon sent large waves and strong winds down the US East Coast as far South as The Bahamas. On Tuesday, December 9th 2014 swell and waves from the storm impacted the Eastern coast Eleuthera Island.  The iconic Glass Window Bridge which spans a narrow rocky pass separating the calm Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean was severely impacted by the massive waves. 

Several concrete barriers, placed on an already crumbling pavement, were thrown from the road and tumbled to the cliff face below. Water mains were damaged by the barriers and service was temporarily interrupted. 

High tide in combination with the large waves created a geyser. Water was seen shooting over 100ft into the air bore hole located on the South side of the bridge. (highlighted in the video below)

Frangipani Photography & Film ( was on location and captured stunning photos and aerial video of the events and aftermath.  Aerial video was captured using a remote controlled helicopter or drone.

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Winter Storm Damon Waves & Surf - Eleuthera Bahamas from Frangipani Film on Vimeo.