Freelance Videography Price List 2016

Single Camera Videography

  • $199 per hour
  • $399 1/2 day
  • $599 full day

Prices include use of single camera w/2-4 lenses and single microphone (choice of lav or shotgun)


Additional gear & services (add on to the above rates)

  • Additional Cameras - multiple camera angles (time-lapse), Full Frame or Cropped Canon cameras | $149/each
  • Lighting - 3 point lighting kit, choice of battery Powered LED or A/C Tungsten/Florescent | $119
  • Additional Mics - shotgun mic, boundary mic or additional lavs | $49/each
  • Drone - Aerial video shot in 4k with a DJI Phantom Professional | $299
  • Media - Take your footage home on SD Cards or High Capacity Hard Drives (subject to availability)




I own the following Pro Canon camera bodies/lenses and Sennheiser/Tascam audio equipment.

Camera Bodies:
Canon Cinema C100
Canon EOS 6D x 2
Canon EOS 70D x 2

Camera Lens:
10-18mm F4.5-5.6 IS
14mm F2.8 M
16-35mm F2.8
18-135mm F3.5-5.6 IS
24-105mm F4
28mm F1.8 USM
45mm F2.8 Tilt-Shift
50mm F1.2 L
50mm F1.4 USM
50mm F2.5 macro
85mm F1.8 USM
85mm F1.4
100mm F2.8 macro IS
135mm F2.0 L
70-200 F2.8 IS
55-250mm F4-5.6
500mm F8 Mirror
1.4x & 2x Teleconverters


Microphone/Audio Equipment:
Sennheiser Shotgun ME64/66 Combo
Sennheiser EW300 Wireless Bodypack

Shure Mini-Shotgun/Recorder
Tascam XLR Recorder
5 x Countryman B3 Lav Mics
2 x TRAM TR-50 Lav Mics (under clothing) 
Audio-Technics Boundary (PZM) mic


Video Lighting:
Bi-Color Battery powered 300LED panels
Lowel Tungsten 250w spots x 2
Lowel Tungsten 1000w Floods x 2
CFL Softbox x 3