Native Wood by Nassau's Native Son

In 1960 Craig 'Crab' Roberts was born to local entrepreneur and business man Charles 'Junior' Roberts and his wife Angela. Junior & his family owned and operated the Coral Reef shell shop on Winchester Street. For over 60 years the Coral Reef cleaned and sold large quantities of Bahamian shells to both straw market vendors as well as jewelry makers as far away as Italy and Japan.

In the 1990's straw market vendors increasingly relied on the Philippines and China for their wares.  The Coral Reef was forced to close it's doors.  Several years later Junior's youngest son reopened the Coral Reef's warehouse as the successful landscaping business 'Native Sun'.  While landscaping yards and lots around New Providence, Crab was exposed to all of the wonderful trees and woods The Bahamas has to offer. Crab's interest in native woods soon became a passion.  With a large collection of interesting pieces of wood at his disposal, Crab applied the same eye for beauty and fine details to his furniture as his father used for shell jewelry before him.

Crab's large open air wood shop now graces the Winchester Street site of the former Coral Reef. Turning out beautiful pieces of handcrafted furniture made entirely of locally grown, conscientiously harvested hard & soft woods. Including Seagrape, Abaco Pine, Iron Wood, and the national tree of The Bahamas, Lignum Vitae.


Contact Craig today to see what he has in stock, or have a piece custom made just for you.

telephone: 242-359-1499  email: [email protected]